There it was…gone; my 22nd birthday was over before I could really enjoy it…Thank you for all the birthday messages! As usual, with my birthdays, the feeling of being a year older only sunk in the day afterwards…Unlike other people who set New Year’s resolutions, I always set myself some goals for the year ahead…
My 22nd birthday has provided me with a point of reflection, a plot on the map of my life, where I can say that as a 21 year old, I restored my social life and I put myself out there to face new challenges and to meet new people, some of which are now my best friends.
Without wanting to delve into the fictional sub-worlds that co-exist in my life, I felt like I was on a mission to save myself from the evil claws of a cage, trapped and locked away from society, forgotten and therefore rotting away at the bottom of a large pit, covered and hidden by many layers of ground. Friends like Olayemi Temitope, Alexander Okonkwo, Ephraim Spiff, Chioma Diala, Offor Victor,Harold McKinney, Ekeng Victor, Ada Okeoma (to name a few) helped me enjoy myself, restoring my inner happiness, because without them, I probably would have given up on everything. All thanks to them, I didn’t.
Being 21 never really mattered in terms of age, but it was a year spent maturing in my attitude towards life. Again, just to remind you what this blog is about, it is to document my journey towards the accomplishment of certain dreams I’ve had since I was born, and the deeds I’m doing to make them a reality. It’s been “SO FAR, SO GOOD”, and I’ve never quite been so close. In the last 22 years, I’ve never quite had that feeling of “ I GO IT!”….until now!!!
I’m so assured and am continually reassured that “the future indeed does belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”, and trust me, I am dreaming and dream…a lot! Lots of events have happened this past year leading to this one I’m about to start today, that have equipped me with what it takes to make that future I’ve dreamt about happen. Sure , like I said, its one step at a time and for this next year which I start today, I just want to keep the ball rolling. I’m not stopping, at least, not any time soon.
I am grateful I have people(family, friends and even strangers) to share who that I am with. I enjoy life and delight in learning from it, and siphoning from it everything it has to offer. And before I forget, a lot of things i do today have been 22 years in the making, and still I don’t think I’m there just yet…but there is no doubt that I’m very close.
Of course, achieving certain dreams is about setting goals. I mentioned on this blog that creating this blog was actually one of my manageable/short term goals as it pertains to the BIG PICTURE, and for this year that starts for me today, I decided to start applying those goals for myself. 22 to be exact!
Finally, Just know that if you are reading this, I have enrolled you into my team( yes without your consent. You are welcome!  ) and you are responsible as well as accountable to making sure I achieve these goals by this time next year. So check up on me to see how I am doing on them  . Thanks!!!
With joy, peace and love in my heart, here’s to many more years!!!









About Oghidi Paul

BLOGGER, GEEK , SOCIAL MEDIA ADDICT My Name is Oghidi Paul, I’m a 20 something years old web designer from Nigeria, currently studying Computer Science at the University of Benin, Nigeria. As it’s been said, if you love things, Material or Immaterial, they always find a way to love you back. The way I’m passionate about my job, it comes to me naturally. If all you want is a creative website that is eye catching and SEO friendly, then that’s when I come in. My passion is all about creating real elegant looking websites, always keeping it clean and simple with that added functionality of user interaction you would like to see. My job is to build your website so that it is functional and user friendly, SEO friendly(Search Engine Optimization is no longer black hat tricks, but a standard part of any serious web marketing plan) and at the same time attractive. My aim is to bring your message and identity to your targeted audience in the most creative way. I’m available for freelance work. If you would like to get in touch with me, then be sure to connect with me via any of the following links: Phone: +2347062720709

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