22 Common Reasons Why Women Fake An Orgasm



An orgasm is such a touchy subject, when it comes to the bedroom, there are so many women who don’t orgasm all the time, and end up faking it more often.

Statistics vary widely, and no one can really tell what percentage of women fake it or really experience it. But if one thing’s almost certain, it’s the unverified assumption that all women have faked an orgasm at least once in their lifetime!

Here are 22 common reasons why women fake an orgasm.

1. The biggest reason. It’s a fake pity orgasm. You’re not arousing her enough to bring her to climax, and she’s given up on achieving an orgasm. But your woman doesn’t want to hurt your feelings because she cares about you, and finds it easier to just fake it and end it.

2. She’s not in the mood. You’re horny and turned on. But she’s not. And she’s having sex only because you want it. She’d probably try to warm up to the act, but if she doesn’t feel like it, she may just fake it.

3. She knows she’s not going to orgasm. This is psychological, and she probably knows she’s going to fake it even before you penetrate her. As a guy, you may have experienced a few occasions yourself when you start having sex with your girl, and almost immediately know that you may not last through the sex. And just like that, sometimes your girl may know she’s not going to orgasm, and she just wants to be done with it.

4. She’s preoccupied. There’s something on her mind, and she’s too distracted to enjoy sex. She may make love to you, but her preoccupied mind may just distract her from having a real orgasm.

5. She knows you’re trying hard. She’s feeling bad about it, but for some reason, she’s just not able to orgasm. And she doesn’t want to hurt your feelings or land a blow on your confidence, so she lies to you just to see you smile proudly.

6. You’re boring! Well, let’s face it, you may be rather boring one night. And if she’s getting tired of the to-and-fro and is subduing her yawns with her palms, it may just be easier to fake it without being too mean.

7. You’re waiting for her. You’re almost about to explode, and she can feel it. You move in and out of her a few times, and you hold your breath like you’re trying hard to prevent a case of premature ejaculation, before continuing again. And your woman, being the sweetheart that she is, may just fake it to save you from an awkward spurt!

8. She’s embarrassed. She’s not able to orgasm for some reason beyond her knowledge, and she feels embarrassed by it. And her embarrassment is making her feel worse and preventing her from even enjoying the sex. It’s so much easier to just fake it because she doesn’t want you to think it’s her fault.

9. Anger issues. She’s angry with you, or is giving you the silent treatment. And you teasing her and seducing her into having sex isn’t helping, because she’ll hate you more for it. But if she doesn’t want to confront the issue or sit up talking about it, she may find it easier to just do the deed instead.

10 She’s stressed out. Your woman could have had a long and tiring day, and as much as she wants to enjoy sex, she may just be too tired to enjoy it. And if she doesn’t want to upset you or make you feel bad about your performance, she may just fake it.

11. She’s in a hurry. You’re initiating sex out of the blue, and she’s got better things to do. Perhaps, she wants to sleep, watch her favorite show or get out and do something. What’s the fastest way to wrap sex up? Yeah, fake it!

12. The pressure to make it awesome. It’s a special day and sex is just expected to be awesome and mind blowing! It could be your anniversary or a birthday, and if she doesn’t feel great that night, she might just pretend to be completely turned on and aroused, just to make sex more memorable for you.

13. She’s had her share of fun. A woman doesn’t always have to orgasm to enjoy sex. Sometimes, she may feel like she’s had her share of fun and may just want to end it without reaching for an orgasm.

14. Boredom. She’s bored with her sex life, and the things you do just don’t excite her anymore. It’s monotonous and boring, and rather than confront it, she may just resign her mind to the fact that sex isn’t as exciting as it once was!

15. The guy takes too long. Your girl may just want to finish up because she wants to sleep or be done with it. And if you’re trying really hard to push her soft spots and make her orgasm, she may just give in and fake an orgasm just to end it and go back to sleep.

16. Uncomfortable positions. So you’ve read about a new position that you want to try, or you’re suddenly feeling very horny while watching the television. And you push her down on a hard surface, contort her body and penetrate her. She may try to enjoy it, but if it’s too uncomfortable to experience any pleasure out of it, she may just want to end it with a fake orgasm.

17. Her sex drive’s down. Her sex drive may have taken a nosedive because of too much alcohol during the party, or a few pills that she’s been taking recently. And rather than make you feel bad for not making her orgasm, she may want to fake it and please you instead.

18. It’s that time of the month. Most women have varying sex drives at different times of the month. Some women are more aroused easily when they’re ovulating, while a few other women feel the friskiest a day or two before their period. And at certain times of the month, they may feel too mellow to experience a real, wild orgasm no matter how hard a guy tries.

19. She’s never really had an orgasm! Well, there are many women out there who still don’t know what an orgasm is. They’ve had sex, and they’ve programmed their mind to squeeze their pelvis before a guy ejaculates. They just don’t know what it feels like to orgasm, and they don’t really care to fix it because they’re too used to it!

20. It’s emotional. Girls are far more emotional than visual when it comes to experiencing sexual pleasure and orgasms. Perhaps, she just hasn’t reached that stage in the relationship where she feels comfortable enough to experience a real, knee buckling orgasm in your arms.

21. She just wants more. This isn’t a guy’s fault really. Maybe you’re just dating a girl who’s too demanding. She needs a lot of foreplay and a lot of sore sex before she actually feels an orgasm. And since she knows it, she may fake it once in a while just to make things easier for you.

22. What did you do?! Did you do something stupid in bed like stick your finger up her butt when you know she hates it? Or did you tell her that you want to have sex with her sister while she watches while dirty talking to her? Sometimes, a girl may just fake it and end it because of something you said or did in bed because she just doesn’t want to continue having sex anymore.

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