11 Tell-Tale Signs To Tell That He’s Into You


1. He wants to be in touch with you: This is the most basic sign. If he likes you, he WILL call and text you, even it means going out of his way to do so. No matter how busy a person is, if they want to talk to you, they will make the time to do so. It’s as simple as that. If he says he will call you back and does so a couple days later, short of him being in the hospital or lost at sea, he’s just not that into you. And pay attention to the stupid excuses he’ll give if you ever confront him. If the reason doesn’t make sense, it’s probably bull.

2. He wants to see you and be around you: He enjoys your company and will make an effort to spend time with you. For e.g., he’s always inviting you to events or asking around if you’ll be at a certain party or gathering. Also, for e.g. if you live in a different state or country and he has the financial means, he WILL visit you. Trust me, a man who’s into you will leave straight from work on a Friday night to the airport to fly 5 hours across the country just to be with you for 2 days…even if he misses his flight, he will wait 5 hours at the airport just to get on the next one…and he will fly back Monday morning and go straight from the airport to work. And when I say trust me, I mean trust me 😉

3. He is not ashamed of you: If he likes you, he will tell whoever cares to listen. He will tell his friends and family about you. he brings you around his friends. And before you know it, he’s be wanting to bring you home to mama. If a man doesn’t take you out during the day, he’s worried about who’s watching and you should be worried.

4. He laughs at your jokes: When a man likes you, he’ll laugh at your jokes even when it means laughing at you for even “attempting” to be funny.

5. He wants details: He is interested in you and your life. Beyond “how are you”, he actually wants to know how your day went, who your friends are, what you ate for lunch and everything in between. He cares about the details of your life….the little things that make you YOU.

6. He compliments you: When he’s into you for the long-term, he’ll compliment not only your physical appearance but your personality- the things that draw him to you. For e.g. your kindness, your free spirit,your sense of humor, your calm demeanor, your honesty, etc

7. He find reasons to be by your side: When you’re around each other, even in a group of people, he’s not only stealing glances at you, he’s subtly finding reasons to make physical contact with you. For e.g. long hugs or a gentle pat on your back. Not in a creepy way…but in a friendly manner. This goes to the law of attraction…if he’s into you, he just can’t stay away.

8. He listens to you and remembers things you tell him: A man who’s into you never forgets the things that are important to you. If you ever mentioned to him that you liked a certain movie or artist, it’ll stick and if he’s romantic enough, he’d randomly get you tickets to see the movie or artist in concert.

9. He makes you a part of his life: If he likes you, he wants you to be part of his daily life and not just a hobby or pass time. If he’s calling you only when he’s bored, you’re just a side piece.

10. He makes an effort to impress you: Because he likes you, he wants you to be happy and will do things to put himself at an advantage with you. This doesn’t have to only mean taking you to expensive restaurants or shopping, even though I’m sure this works too (;-), sometimes its as simple as sending you flowers or randomly sending you a song that reminds him of you.

11. He wants you to get to know him: When a guy starts “catching” feelings, he inadvertently becomes an open book. He’d tell you things he never knew he could share with anyone. This is because he is comfortable around you and wants you to get to know him. I always tell ladies to milk this in the beginning because you know men and their feelings; the more comfortable they become with you, the more they can get away with.


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